now entering: SPACEMONKEYZ. high surveillance kennel for a lobotomised dog and his brain demons.


i am mentally unfit to work and unable to go outside most days, thus i need something to do other than rot. so i work on this. my journal, my creative outlet, my online profile, my comedy set, my traumadump, all of the above.

site is largely unfinished at the moment, but dont mention it - he gets insecure. :(

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drag of the day is: NOVA

09/04/24: new blog post, bit of layout shuffling hey

18/03/24: actual blog entry ! phineas' box is back ! other junk !

06/01/24: been a while; chatbox and blog added. blog is empty rn but dragcon uk is in a week so i'll likely write abt that when it happens

27/11/23: FUNCTIONING MUSIC PLAYER ADDED OH GOD IT TOOK SO LONG more tracks 2 be added + a small webmaster infobox + boot page removed (unnecessary). next up , comments section, further decor. a smart way to have tws. maybe a pet. maybe a game. we shall see

22/11/23: layout tweaks. very basic music player added , to be updated later

10/11/23: site links and resources added + empty ass navbuttons changed. next is either decor or actually working on the other pages +the advemture

10/11/23: pointer cursor added. links to be added whenever i feel arsed

31/10/23: CHANGELOG ADDED and like entire homepage built. still needs some decor and finesse but eh he's aight


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hi i'm charly i'm a 20 year ol d trans dude who writhes on the floor in his free time. i am afraid of everything and i love drag


yeah yright. been a minute : my laptop is broke ! yea unfortunate. screen's fucked. so thats sort of halted any website progress or my ability to draw things so thats arse. in the meantime i have had eurovision to keep me entertained - pleased with the winner we love nemo but the ebu clearly needs bib big reform (and to ax israel you bags). what else .... got a crt working which ive wanted to do for well over a year ! she works great and if she's still good in a week ill let myself get emotionally attached. finally got a lot of kit together to work on my battle jacket, if i can be arsed to upload pictures of it i might document it here (would also probably need a working laptop for that). i am currently writing to you live from my dad's beefed up gamer computer upon which my hellish modded skyrim loadout lives. that is my current thing i'm working on but i will get that jacket sorter (realised i need black paint and i didn get any, bum.) drag race all stars 9 soon. whose team are we on !!!! i have to legally say mik bc he's repping for the trans men and we never get shit, but angeria is one of the nicest queens ive met in person, so down to earth, and roxxxy is hot, and i love a season 1 girl so im here for shannel too. watch season one if you havbent, shannel is wild in it. pretend its 2009 what a time to be alive. that was the year we send that dirgey number to eurovision it's myyyy time i's MY time. what a load of tripe. anyway lalalalala jako. OH my walking yes. discovered a new route that goes through 15 sheep fields, lovely stuff. hopefully next we meet i'll have a new laptop, more to tell about my jacket and maybe annecdotes from when i finally sit down to play skyrim (unlikely). should mkake a section on the site for that. speaking of the site i will update it someday. have actually had some inspiration for it in the form of sirius' disturbing websites iceberg. not for the fainthearted mind but in that he covers some old 2000s/90s web art stuff that i find really intriguing and would like to play with. eventuially. arf. kissies


tonight (3pm) friends i am here to discuss padding in drag. because my god i adore both highly padded drag and no padding at all in equal measure. venus (of cdr4 fame, not ms. d-lite) is the most gorgeous bitch i have ever seen. no padding penis to the wind good for her. love her. but also queens like loosey laduca, krystal versace, lawrence chaney, others i'm obviously forgetting ? that get that drag body shape down to an art form ? oogh. oooooogh. conclusion: i love drag in all its forms. thanks 4 coming i will update the site. someday ? congrats to nymphia on her big win that stunning gorgeous bitch. pumped for as9 i guess is next on the horizon huh. lets gooooo. as previously discussed i have been going on many little enrichment walks through town. my favourite part of this is heading into a little woodsy footpath and ending up at the other end of town. excellent work. i do really need to wrk up the courage to roll down this one hill but also i dont want like jackie down the road finding me tumbling for the united kingdom while she's walking her terrier you get me. do you ever think about houses you will never see again and how they are manifestation of people you will never see again


arright then ! how are we. been going on some nice walks as of recent. whacking on a podcast of olympia avalanche talking about some sort of true crime bollocks and trudging through the woods. transcendant. bing boom. eurovision season is in full swing and while many of the songs are boppers (ireland, estonia, armenia), i am avoiding all official eurovision channels like the plague because they're bastards. expel israel and their propaganda song you cowards. if they grow some fucking bollocks next year i'll probably start putting my top10s on the site like the fruit i am. free palestine ! if a hot transmasc wants to watch the hotel inspector w me and make out hmu. fucking love the hotel inspector. yes i'm still in my novympia hyperfixation thanks for asking. THE SWAN GIRLS !!! i should be at the club but i'm too autistic. go listen to all the things she said by tatu. yes it's 2002 im on fucking neocities. right that's your lot i'm gonna take my bleedin meds now. remember to eat lightly toasted bread with butter, cheese and soup because we need to get in touch with the simple things in this life. why is LA so expensive


hai whatup. so the QUEEN OF THE DAY on the site has been nova for going on like a month or two now. that is NOT just bc i have barely updated the site in that time ok, ok, ok , its because thats what my brain has been stuck on since ... oghhh ... decembertime. novympia gives me much serotonin and nova specifically gives me gender envy. the woes of being pre everything transmasc and the dysphoria holding me back from being a Huge Fag. free palestine !!!! - need to find some buttons or stamps for that im sure theyre out there. i've been on the quest for Gay Transgender Romance recently but it's easier said than done obviously. what else .... went for a nice walk the other day and randomly decided to start crawling through the bushes (not much of interest aside from some discarded christmas themed stickers). i did say i'd blog abt dragcon but it's been like two months and because of Memory Issues i remember Fuck All about it. HAD A GREAT FUCKING TIME THOUGH ! team morphine love dion thank you and goodnight


THIS IS WHERE THE BLOG WILL GO i i dont have stuff to infodump abt yet but when i do it will be here

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